Professional & Life coaching

When nothing goes right... go left.

Why use a coach ?

To clarify your priorities and needs

To highlight your shadowy areas, erase them or transform them into resources

To regain energy and free yourself

To make changes according to your wishes and rythm

To learn to listen to you, to find your own solutions

To be and remain at the centre of yourself

About me

Sylvie Starck Stt-Co

I have spent 30 years in a company that has never ceased to develop and adapt to the changes imposed by the economic conditions of the market. This has enabled it to survive and to transform itself to embody this change.

I too have tried to follow and survive.

Holding positions as team manager, project manager, sales manager, my ability to bounce back and turn any change into an opportunity has made my job easier. Nevertheless, it seemed that with each bounce, I was running out of breath more quickly and without fully understanding the reasons for it, dissatisfaction was building up and eating away at my energy... It seemed that I was missing the essential and I wasn't putting my finger on it…

I started training as a NLP practitioner in 2009, then as a professional and life coach in 2010, and I graduated certified in 2012. These trainings have shaken my certainties about what I wanted and have accelerated my transformation and professional reconversion process.

Today I can say without any doubt that what I deeply missed was that I was not at what I called the « Centre of Myself ». I continue to train myself in different techniques in order to stay there as long as possible, and to continue to learn what is most important to me: how to help individuals, professionals, managers, expatriates, to find their "Centre".

So, if like me, you have this feeling and this thirst to know yourself better and to lead you there, let me guide you... I will give you some shortcuts that can put you on the way, your way, and you will see, the magic will work!

Sylvie Scherer-Starck



How do I shape my inner diamond and make it visible on the outside?

In a few sessions of 1h30 (face to face, by phone or video), I will help you light your way with gentleness and kindness, but also with efficiency, in accordance with the coach's ethics based on confidentiality, respect for the person, non-judgement, authenticity and co-responsibility.

They came...


44 years old / Project manager

her goal : To boost self-esteem and know how to set limits


54 years old / Executive assistant

her goal : To get back to her life because she feels she has lost her way


25 years old / Student

his goal : To stop smoking, to resume studies


30 years old / Graphic designer

her goal : To better manage her roommate, to find the blockage preventing her from entering the world of work

Serge / executive officer

60 years old / Executive officer

his goal : How to prepare myself to pass on the torch, how to move on to something else?


40 years old

her goal : To make my past more bearable

Professional coaching

Individuals, Students, Companies, Executives, Self-employed please contact me for a tailor-made offer

Are you looking for meaning, motivation, a change in your relationships?

Do you want to control your emotions, communicate better, assert yourself, gain confidence?

You have tried everything to re-energise your teams? Your energy is at its lowest ebb?

You have not yet tested Co-development?

Let's add up all your possibilities for effective and lasting results.

They talk about it...

After a difficult year for many of us, I would like to start this new year on a positive note and in particular, by thanking someone without whom I would certainly not have gone through the last few months with such confidence. Sylvie was advised to me at a time in my life when my professional situation no longer gave me satisfaction and no perspective. She was able to quickly help me identify my problems, but above all, to restore my self-confidence and find the path I am on now, satisfied with my choices and relieved of the weight of my questions. I can only recommend Sylvie if you too need a guide.

Myriam 54 years old Executive assistant

Sylvie, I would like to thank you very much for your kind and very professional support for several months. Your mastery of relational processes, the strategies and means that you proposed to me to develop the autonomy that is essential to continue on my path, as well as the relational and technical qualities of each of our exchanges have enabled me to achieve the goals set in the coaching contract. This is remarkable. I am also very grateful to you for having introduced me to the world of coaching which I find really exciting. I can only recommend you! Thank you again Sylvie!

Claudine 58 years old Engineer

I came here out of curiosity and left so much richer! ... I have boosted my career, the choice of my partnership has been made, I have regained the energy of my 20 years with the experience of my 40 years ... frankly thank you Sylvie for your listening and your pertinent questions, thank you for having called upon my creativity and my childlike soul ... I feel so much lighter".

Laurent 40 years old Entrepreneur

I must admit that I had some doubts, used to finding solutions to everything I was a little reluctant to accept help. A friend guided me to you...what a meeting! Thank you for saving me precious time.

Michel 67 years old Company director

The liberation of speech, self-affirmation and detachment, albeit belated, from the bonds of the past have enabled me to rebuild myself. You are no stranger to this and I thank you again for your help.

Jacques 50 years old Team leader


The CODEV is above all a SPIRIT, a philosophy:

It carries the values of mutual aid, permanent learning, sharing and improvement.

It is for people who believe they can learn from each other, in kindness and humility, in authenticity, trust and openness.

It allows them to enrich themselves through contact with their peers, on issues, projects or concerns experienced by each of them in their professional environment, and also on themselves and others (their functioning within the group, their knowledge and skills that each of them shares, through personal resonances and reflections during the sessions...).

Finally, it offers a resource space for leaders and managers, a true reflection mirror to break the loneliness and rely on a reliable and competent support network.


Groups are made up of 5 to 8 participants. The length of the meetings, their frequency and the overall duration of the process vary from group to group.

The group is accompanied by a competent resource person (coach) who, by his or her position outside the group and his or her training in co-development, guarantees that the sessions run smoothly.

One after the other, the participants take on the role of client to present their problem, project or concern, while the others act as consultants to help this client to enrich his or her understanding (thinking and feeling) and capacity for action (acting).

In summary, during a session:
  • a member becomes a client during a 3-hour session
  • the others are consultants
  • the facilitator facilitates the group's effectiveness
There are therefore as many sessions as there are participants, so that everyone can take on the role of the client on his or her theme.

A co-development cycle lasts between 4 and 6 months, so that each member can be the client at least once.

At the end of the cycle, the group opens up again and allows :

  • to renew your participation for the next cycle
  • to leave the group if you do not wish to continue
  • to welcome potential newcomers
Terms and conditions

Contact me to discuss the terms and rates for setting up a group.

Mobility in France and groups in visio.

Co-founder of the collective ESPRIT CODEV, I also invite you to join the group of your choice individually, 100% remotely:

Coaching Expatriés | Sst-co

Expatriate coaching

For several years now, I have been supporting expatriate families and I have noticed that 75% of expatriation failures can be attributed to family members who do not adapt. And the reasons for not adapting are manifold:

  • Fear of the unknown,
  • Fear of leaving your loved ones behind,
  • Fear of not adapting to the local culture,
  • Returning to France was difficult because they lost their bearings in a country that changed during their absence.

Coming from a multi-cultural family, married to a foreigner who has lived more than half of his life abroad, I will know how to guide you to transform your reluctance into a source of wealth.

He speaks about it so well:

« …In short, beauty is everywhere... It is not beauty that is missing in our eyes, it is our eyes that miss seeing it… »

Boris Vian


Let's get to know each other better with a free initial call.

For any coaching or information request, you can contact me via the online form or mobile phone.

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